Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Psychotherapists Ability to Maintain Confidentiality. It needs to be at least 1250 words. People seek counseling when they are in psychological and emotional distress. They approach counselor only when they realize that they won’t be able to handle the situation or find the solution to their problem, on their own. However, discussing a personal matter with a ‘stranger’ is not an easy thing to do. Hence, the client’s right to privacy gave birth to the concept of confidentiality in the field of counseling and psychotherapy. Even in the case of group counseling, sharing the personal information of the client with others in a group without his permission can be destructive and damaging to the relationship and the goals of counseling. Without confidentiality, the rate of success of counseling will be very low. The development of trust and productiveness of counseling depends on ‘confidentiality’ to a great extent. Hence, to help the client become comfortable by making him trust the counselor with his personal issues and problems, the counselor is legally and ethically required to discuss the nature and the purpose of confidentiality right in the beginning of the counseling process. This helps in the development of trust between the counselor and the client and brings forth in the sessions the most important aspect of client and that is, the ‘real self’.