This paper stresses that throughout the narrative a number themes are strongly expressed in regards to the period of time which are consistent. A strong sense and theme of conflict is portrayed during the times. Conflicts in ideology where the East is largely welcoming to a communist economic model where on the other hand the West are in favor of a capitalist economic model. There are also conflicting living standards across each side of the wall where the living standards on the West were comparatively economic favorable than those in the East. The strong theme of conflict is also largely emphasized on the political set up across each divide. the West can be perceived to adopt a more democratic government where the larger public have their say in state issues, this is opposed to dictatorial government perceived to be in place in the East where razor wires are erected without the public’s consent.&nbsp.The aspect of leadership is also brought under the knife in the historical theatre where different world leaders adopt different styles of leadership which are hugely consequential.