Two of the cultures that show a difference in names are between Chinese and Western names. Everything from the meaning to the identification and the order of name differences between the cultures. The choosing of names is the first difference that is found in both cultures. In the story “Tahotahontanekentseraterontakwenhakie, ” Salli Benedict suggests that there is great importance in a name in Chinese culture and defines the character and identity of a child. When reading this story, there is an understanding with the downfalls of casual naming of a child in American culture. According to this story, the baby is given the name by an old man who was trying to sell rabbits to his parents. The baby’s parents give him this name to honour the gift from the old man. The baby’s name becomes “Tahotahontanekentseraterontakwenhakie” which means, “He came and sold rabbits, ” in honour of the old man. (line 12, pg.284). The example of this story can be associated with the United States, where parents choose unusual names for children but don’t do it to honour the child. Instead, it shows the importance of a situation or an external part of society.