However, after the world wars, the trend changed. Developed nations became responsible for global peace. For this reason, states developed to the institution level as they have the mandate to operate under their own will and mandate. Osiander asserts that the effects of the world war depicted how much global peace was a necessity (280). The author further points out that global peace increased the growth of developed countries (Osiander 280). However, countries in Africa were still under colonization as the Struggle for independence ensued. At the time the battle to end the European supremacy in Africa was becoming a significant trend. Mingst& Snyderare of the assumption that the fight for independence in Africa completed the trend of state sovereignty (98). The independence Africa of African states also has them the mandate to operate under their own mandate. However, what changed this trend? Did the institutional state of countries have a negative effect on the globe? This is after considering that the nation-state is not relevant in the modern century.