The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is situated on the border area between Ukraine and Belarus. The failure at Unit 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) happened in the early hours of 26 April 1986. It occurred after a testing error of a turbo generator that caused an explosion at the Chernobyl power station that was situated in northern Ukraine. After this explosion, it was followed by a radioactive fire that burned for ten days, where 190 tons of toxic materials were released into the atmosphere and through the wind, 70% of the radioactive material was blown over large areas of Belarus, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation. Up to today, the people of Belarus are still suffering the effects of the failure, they suffer medically, economically, environmentally, and socially. The explosion that happened was so intense, that the radiation that was released was 100 times more than the atom bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When the failure occurred, many families continued to live in the contaminated areas about 7 million people and many still live in these contaminated areas even today.&nbsp.