I will pay for the following article The effect of culture on globalization in African countries. The work is to be 19 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The author has rightly presented that we are now living in the era of globalization. Our world has become smaller and smaller. What used to be the other side of the world is now just a mouse click away. Communication technology has become so advanced that the borders and barriers that used to impede our contact with each other have now become penetrable. Globalization is affecting many aspects of our lives, from our economy to our politics, and from our social lives to our cultures. In some parts of the world, however, globalization has not been easy to welcome and manage. Some countries have preferred a no-trade economic policy. or have refused to cooperate in international relations, or have refused to accept the effects of globalization into their culture. Globalization in Africa has been a difficult phenomenon to accept. The culture of Africa has not been very receptive to globalization. Culture can make a difference in the success or the failure of government and economic policies which seek implementation in any organization or country. The people’s culture and traditions can foster acceptance and enhance support for these policies. The paper tells that the culture in different nations has also affected the pace and success of globalization in many African countries. The culture prevalent in China, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of Asia is an important factor which bears impact on the entry of globalization. The current dilemma about culture and globalization is that most nations may share a nationality, but they often do not share a culture.&nbsp.