Need an research paper on complaint handling within the retail market of uk. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Customer handling helps you in increasing the retention rates of the customers. &nbsp.Their loyalty to your company can enhance your sales and helps in increasing your yearly turnover. These complaints inform the organization what actually the customers wants, their needs and what changes they want. The importance of these points and ideas from the customers are very important due to the reason that you are actually serving these people. So these are the customer voice that meant a lot for the organization. These customer voices are actually what they really want in the product or services. The after-sale service is important because customers may feel some problems and deal with problems may help in gaining their loyalty. These customers handling isn’t important for the sales and marketing of the product but also important for the service providing companies. This article is actually based on the importance of complaint handling within the retail FS UK market. We will see what problems they were facing and how problem-solving enhances their service market.