The problems in Ukraine started when the president of the nations refused to sign an agreement that would help Ukraine to join the European Union on November 21st, 2013. In Ukraine, there is a political movement and it led to the demand for closer relations with the European Union (Moore, 56-59). The chaos that followed saw president Yanukovych being unseated out of power. Even before, this, there was still some high level of unrest in Ukraine and this was just a culmination of the events that were already happening in Ukraine. Several civil wars have been erupting in the nations and this has caused unrest in the nation. Additionally, there have been many elections that have been held in the nation since the ousting of&nbsp.the president. Most of these elections were held in compromising situations and amid political unrest as well as high levels of insecurity.&nbsp.Because of this, voting was severely affected as many polling stations, as much as 80% remained closed even during a presidential election.&nbsp.