Corbett (2006) has indicated that the use of throughout accounting helps companies to determine how the decision making process will affect all of throughput, operating expense and investment. At Wal-Mart, a decision was made in 2013 to purchase Adchemy, which was an adtech company. This decision was subsequently honored. There were several insiders who described this decision and acquisition as mysterious for a number of reasons. Mainly was the fact that it was thought that the adtech business did not correspond directly to Wal-Mart’s operations as a retail company (Edwards, 2014). In the long run, the decision as being a major component of throughput accounting and optimization was realized. This is because the decision eventually had an impact on throughput, operating expense, and investment. An overview of the company that was purchase is that it “specializes in “semantic search,” or trying to develop meaningful, implied search results that go beyond the mere keywords punched into Google” (Edwards, 2014).