IEP is basically a whole plan of education meant to address the individualistic requirements of a student that coincide with his/her natural abilities. As the name implies, one IEP can not be applicable on more than one student. Meetings are arranged in which a team that includes but is not limited to the teachers, educationalists, parents and the student himself/herself conduct a discussion upon the issues with the student’s education and formulate the IEP through mutual consensus. The plan is prepared by educational specialists at the school of the student in mutual collaboration with the parents. The plan constitutes the division of everyday routine of the student into various activities that are essential for the attainment of education in the right manner. Activities are identified by the educational specialists keeping in view the interests and disabilities of the student. Goals to be achieved by the student in particular time limits are identified by the committee, and the provision of any services or additional facilities necessary for the attainment of the defined goals is ensured. The activities are scheduled carefully and parents are advised to confirm that their child complies with the activities as stipulated in the schedule. No one individual has a right to decide for the student.