Need an research paper on insurance training proposal plan. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The assignment “Insurance Training Proposal Plan” aims to develop a training proposal plan for an insurance company. Due to high attrition rate, the insurance company has been recently facing risks of financial losses and issues related to its sustainability. The organization has repeatedly failed to retain its trained members. The insurance company needs to be very cautious about their hiring and training practices, considering the current pitfalls of their training program. Correspondingly, to have an insight of the limitations persisting in the training program applied by the company, two types of data will be required, i.e. qualitative and quantitative. Both these types of data will be gathered from the trainee members, who have completed 2 weeks in this phase, which will help to identify their perceptions and its gap from the applied concepts in the training period. The data required will be obtained through a sample survey, which will allow the participation of all trainee members in the organization, complying with the selection criterion (i.e. 2 weeks of their participation in the training program). The survey will be conducted on the basis of Likert scale, wherein five categories will be considered to judge the perceptions of the respondents. The Likert scale will include five point categories ranging from strongly disagree, disagree, uncertain, agree and strongly agree. The chart given below represents the closed-ended quantitative questions to interpret the responses on the basis of Likert scale.