The decision by Elizabeth to leave the company shows that people are basically motivated by various factors other than monetary gains alone. Regardless of a very prestigious position as a petroleum engineer, she still decided to leave to join an equally smaller organisation, Petrowest. She is so much excited by the fact that she would have a greater responsibility of managing small teams as well as negotiating contracts unlike at NP where engineers were only concerned with specialised tasks related to their knowledge as well as expertise. It can also be noted that Elizabeth has even offered a 5% pay increase as well as a car but this does not deter her from taking up the decision to join Petrowest. Ola, on the other hand, is a skilled computer technician who also resigns on the basis that he has been offered another job at an equally smaller organisation than NP as well. However, a close analysis of the circumstances surrounding their decisions to resign shows that they are not disgruntled by their current positions in terms of pay. It seems they are driven by the need to take up responsibility tasks in their newly found jobs.