The new home will be located in the suburbs of San Francisco. It is expected that the new home will be on a two-acre piece of land. The compound must be well secured such that the home will be located near a specific police installation. This will ensure that the family, as well as visitors, are protected at any given time. However, there will be the provision of security guards as well for the same purpose. The new home will include both joined and detached houses. This is because I expect to have several family members who will be staying together including my children. However, the essence of the design will be such that the houses are built separately to allow freedom for every family member. The number of houses wills three. This will include two-family houses and one guest house that will cater for any event. However, there will be other features such as the SPA structure, which will be built separately as well. The compound is expected to be big enough to accommodate a good number of people. This will be essential especially in times of ceremonies such as birthdays, weddings or any other outdoor event.