The opportunity to interact with fellow students in a classroom includes group activities and experiments where students have the opportunity to participate in the subject matter hands-on. My classmates and I were given such an opportunity and I was reviewed accordingly based on their experiences working with me, as well as their impressions of me (Kemp & Seagraves, 1995). However, based on the feedback of my peers, I have been described as a shopaholic, of which I am not aware of. This I have placed in the ‘Blind Spot’ quadrant. My peers are not aware though that I am a bit mysterious, and there are certain things that I do not share with others by choice because I simply like to keep some things to myself. This may be the reason why my peers have described me as a person who can be more confident and who should be more open to the ideas of other people as well as interacting with them. I have placed this characteristic in the ‘Facade’ quadrant.