Need an research paper on russian symbolism and mikhail vrubel. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. From his earliest pieces of art, Mikhail Vrubel demonstrated an exceptional natural ability in modeling and figure drawing, however, he also engaged and valued the traditional academic pragmatism of the school. He quickly developed a taste for cooperating improvisation and symbolism, which would lead him to develop his personal style of painting with its exclusive brushwork, imitating the visual effect of mosaic art .He becomes influential sculptor, and draftsman who was a pioneer of modernism with an original vision. In his works, he was a pioneer of modernism in the styles, innovative and the techniques he put together to ensure that he was able to convey his feelings, complex inner life as well as an expression of spiritual world through his work art. Vrubel actually did not commence his artistic work until 1880s, after a successful effort in his pieces of art works, he become recognized in the early 1990s. He turned out to be symbolist and an expressionist at a time when the majority artists were still attributed to the pragmatic custom of the Wanderers. Being more practical and rejected these traditions and become more individualistic in his pieces of work, however he was misunderstood by his contemporaries though he was still considered the forefather of symbolism. Mikhail Vrubel usually chose to do his works from the real life situations this was later followed by most contemporary artists. Most of his scenes and characters were drawn from literature and tradition.