Need an research paper on the impact of the advertising and marketing for the brand sainsburys. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. With the help of quality products and customer friendly services, Sainsbury has become one of the prominent retail stores in London with more than 800 running stores. Today the Sainsbury’s is having more than 500 supermarkets and more than 300 convenience stores in their total retail module. (Company overview. Nd). Communication is the main important factor in any marketing activity. Marketing is basically pre-sale activity which helps the brand to be known to everyone. The marketing communication is the force which drives the brands towards success. Most of the customers, clients or consumers get affected by many advertising stimulants every day and the main factor the main functional activity responsible for these effects is the effective communication process. The main entities involved in this effective communication process are the brand, advertising, packaging, sales promotion, personal communication, corporate communication, brand endorsement and so on and on. (Copley, 2004. P. 1). The structure of the communication process is consisting of three main functional entities and they are the brand itself or the company which owns the brand, the advertising agency or the communication agency and the media industry. The main parties involved in this whole process are these three entities. For a brand like Sainsbury’s the influence of media is very important, as the retail sector is basically for the mass. So TV and Radio advertisements are very much important to put the stimulus advertising effects on each and every customer. There are basically 3 kinds of agencies operate in the advertising and communication industry and they are a full-service agency who provides 360-degree advertising and communication activities, the limited-service agencies who are an expert in some parts like media relation, creative art or maybe effective communication and PR.