Question One of the key aspects of the Trinity Heresies was the debate or argument that happened between the two parties, sometimes lasting hundreds of years.  In this assignment, you will show understanding of both sides of the debate, which will hopefully help you understand where heresies come from and how they form.  This will also be a chance for you to stretch yourself and be able to defend either of these two points. Read Packer, Chapters 11-14 Write a 3 page paper that is written in debate format.  First, choose one of the great heresies that are covered in the textbook. These are found in chapters 4 through 12 in Letham.  The format of the paper will be as follows:  one section stating facts about the position, one section stating the opponent’s facts, and a final section rebutting the opponent’s facts. Ensure the following points are addressed. State the facts about the accepted position of the doctrine. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of one of the heretical views. Defend against the heretical view using Scripture and other resources. Use at least two academic sources to support your writing.