Question NEEDS TO BE DONE BY 8/13/20 NO LATER.  Organizations are intricate and complex entities composed of individuals who are just as complex. Understanding organizations requires examining a host of unique perspectives and theories, many of which you have explored throughout this course. These perspectives offer new insights about organizational behavior, and new insights allow for meaningful application. As an I/O psychology practitioner, it is essential that you understand the interdependence of individuals, organizations, and society. However, your knowledge in these areas will get you only so far. To be an effective practitioner, you also must consider the characteristics that you need to develop in yourself to be able to help organizations address complex problems. In addition, as Walden student, you must also think about how you can apply your knowledge to create positive social change. In this Discussion, you will reflect on your learning throughout the course and identify 3–4 characteristics that you think are necessary to be an effective practitioner. You will also consider how the field of organizational behavior has contributed to social change. To prepare for this Discussion: Visit the SIOP website and research characteristics of effective I/O practitioners. Think about how these characteristics would be useful in the field of organizational behavior, based on what you learned in this course. Peruse the Walden University Center for Social Change website. Reflect on the definition of positive social change and how your colleagues have effected positive social change through research and other means. Read the article, “A Dynamic, Inclusive, and Affective Evolutionary View of Organizational Behavior.” Identify specific examples of how the field of organizational behavior has evolved to effect positive social change. Read the article, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Psychology: An Integrative Review.” Consider how organizational psychologists can help organizations implement corporate social responsibility initiatives and research how such initiatives affect employees. By Day 3 Post a response to the following: Identify 3–4 characteristics that you think are necessary to be an effective practitioner in organizational behavior. Explain how these 3–4 characteristics will play a role in your professional development in the field of I/O psychology. Explain how the field of organizational psychology has contributed and can contribute to positive social change. Provide specific examples. Read Full Question